Basic Rules of Flip Cup


Welcome back, party people! Today, we’re diving into one of the most beloved drinking games of all time: flip cup! If you’re new to the game, allow me to give you a quick rundown. Flip cup is a fast-paced team-based game that combines coordination, speed, and a whole lot of beer. It’s a staple at college parties, tailgates, and basically any gathering where people want to have a great time. But what equipment do you need to take your flip cup game to the next level? That’s what we’re here to explore!

The Flip Cup Essentials

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? There are a few essential items you’ll need to play flip cup. Here’s a handy list to get you started:

  • Plastic Cups: The foundation of any good game of flip cup is a sturdy plastic cup. Opt for cups with a capacity of around 16 ounces to accommodate both the beer and flipping.
  • Table: A sturdy, flat surface is necessary for the flipping action. A regular table or a dedicated flip cup table will work just fine.
  • Beer: Of course, you can’t play flip cup without the golden nectar itself. Make sure you have enough beer on hand for everyone to enjoy the game.
  • Water or Beverage for Cleansing: It’s essential to have some water or another beverage available for players to rinse their cups between rounds. This helps keep the game sanitary and ensures everyone has a fair shot at victory.
  • A Timer or Stopwatch: To keep the game moving at a brisk pace, it’s helpful to have a timer or stopwatch to keep track of each team’s time. You can use a smartphone app or a dedicated timer.

Optional Flip Cup Enhancements

While the essentials are all you need to start flipping, there are a few optional enhancements that can take your flip cup game to the next level. Here are some cool extras you might consider:

Optional Flip Cup Enhancements
Item Description
LED Cups Give your game a vibrant twist with LED cups that light up as you play. These make for a visually stunning flip cup experience.
Ping Pong Balls Replace the traditional flip cup cups with ping pong balls for a more challenging and unpredictable game.
Custom Cups Add some personal flair to your game with custom-designed cups featuring team names, logos, or funny slogans.
Scoreboard A big, bold scoreboard can add a touch of competition to your flip cup battles. Keep track of wins and losses for each team.

Remember, these enhancements are not necessary for a great game of flip cup, but they can definitely amp up the fun factor.

Tips for a Successful Flip Cup Game

Now that you have all the equipment you need, I want to share a few tips to ensure your flip cup game is as successful as possible. Here are my top recommendations:

  1. Choose a Minimum of Four Players: Flip cup is a team game, so make sure you have enough players for at least two teams. The ideal team size is four to six players.
  2. Set Up the Cups in a Straight Line: Arrange the cups on the edge of the table in a straight line. This allows for smoother, more consistent flipping.
  3. Practice Your Technique: Flipping a cup might seem simple, but it takes some practice to get the perfect flip. Experiment with grip and flicking motion to find what works best for you.
  4. Encourage Good Sportsmanship: Flip cup is all about having fun, so remind players to be good sports throughout the game. Celebrate wins but also support and encourage each other.
  5. Stay Hydrated: Drinking games can be dehydrating, so make sure to balance your beer consumption with plenty of water. Proper hydration will help keep the game going strong.


There you have it, folks! Now you know exactly what equipment you need to host an epic game of flip cup. From the essential plastic cups and beer to the optional enhancements that can take your game to the next level, you’re ready to start flipping like a pro. Just remember to play responsibly, drink in moderation, and always prioritize the fun factor. Cheers and happy flipping!





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