What is Flip Cup?


Welcome back to WorldSeriesOfFlipCup.net, your go-to source for all things related to drinking games! In today’s article, we’re going to address an age-old question that often sparks debates among partygoers: Can you play flip cup with beer pong cups? As a subject-matter expert, I’m here to provide you with an in-depth analysis of this popular drinking game conundrum.

Understanding Flip Cup

Before we delve into the core question, let’s take a moment to understand the basic rules of flip cup for those who may be new to the game. Flip cup is a team-based drinking game that typically requires a minimum of two teams with an equal number of players on each side. The objective is simple: each player must consume the contents of their cup and then flip it upside down using only their fingers in a single motion. Once a player successfully flips their cup, the next person on their team can start. The team that successfully flips all their cups first wins the game.

The Cups

The cups used in flip cup are typically made of plastic and have a capacity of 16 ounces or 473 milliliters. These cups are durable and lightweight, making it easy for players to both consume and flip them. However, where the question arises is whether beer pong cups, which are commonly used in the game of beer pong, can be substituted for regular flip cup cups.

To make a fair comparison, let’s break down the characteristics of both flip cup cups and beer pong cups:

Flip Cup Cups Beer Pong Cups
Durable plastic construction Thin plastic construction
16-ounce capacity 16-ounce capacity
Easy to grip and flip May be difficult to grip and flip
Designed specifically for flip cup Designed for beer pong, but can be versatile

As we can see, while both cups share the same capacity, the differences in their construction and intended purposes can have a significant impact on gameplay. While flip cup cups are designed specifically to facilitate the flipping motion, beer pong cups are thinner, making them potentially more challenging to grip and flip with accuracy and ease.

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s weigh the pros and cons of using beer pong cups in flip cup:


  • Versatility: Beer pong cups can serve multiple purposes, allowing for more diverse game options at your party.
  • Availability: Beer pong cups are more readily available at parties and gatherings compared to flip cup cups, making it convenient to play flip cup on the go.
  • Cost-effective: If you already have beer pong cups on hand, using them for flip cup can save you from purchasing additional game-specific cups.


  • Difficulty flipping: Beer pong cups are not specifically designed for flipping, which may make the game more challenging and frustrating for players.
  • Inconsistent gameplay: Since beer pong cups vary in their durability, some may crack or break during the vigorous flipping motion, resulting in an inconsistent playing experience.
  • Limited availability: In some cases, beer pong cups may not be readily available or present a logistical challenge if the game is set up in a different environment or with different party supplies.

Ultimately, the decision to use beer pong cups in flip cup depends on your personal preferences, the availability of the cups, and the atmosphere of the party. However, it’s worth noting that employing purpose-built flip cup cups can enhance the playing experience and ensure a fair and consistent game.


In conclusion, while beer pong cups can be a viable option for playing flip cup in certain circumstances, they may not provide the same level of comfort and ease as cups specifically designed for flip cup. Remember, flip cup cups are specifically engineered to make the flipping motion smooth and effortless, ensuring a fair and fun game for everyone involved.

Thank you for joining us today in this exploration of playing flip cup with beer pong cups. Keep in mind that the spirit of any drinking game lies in enjoying the experience with friends while drinking responsibly. Cheers, and happy flipping!





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